Thursday, August 16, 2012

CHRIS WEISMAN - "Bentonia" C47

Announcing the 16th solo weird pop album from Brattleboro's weird-pop guru Chris Weisman: BENTONIA is Chris's exploration of Skip James's eerie enchanting "Bentonian" tuning. 18 beautiful but disconcerting ballads, stuffed full of the disjointed Mad-Lib-esque metaphors and the biting, outsider's critique-of-everyone-including-himself lyrics you may remember from such C.W. masterpieces as Beatleboro and Fresh Sip. Chris Weisman is the real deal living legend subterranean mover and shaker, teaching the rest of us what pop music can still do. This is one to keep under your pillow. C47, edition of 150, $5+shipping.