Wednesday, November 16, 2011

GREAT VALLEY - "Holiday, Holinight" C20

Recorded in 2010, HOLIDAY/HOLINIGHT reveals, like an X-ray, how Great Valley un-bowed their land legs and first pushed off towards the sea. Five sparkling theme songs amble in sequence like a hand-cranked animated scroll, the protagonists boy shadows. "Born Again" warbles beneath the waves of a cramped coastal fairyland; "Lucky Me" is the boardwalk funhouse wriggling with ghosts. Part two's "My House" sounds as if the lamps and pots of your cottage are being tunefully tapped with a coffee table leg, and someone in the kitchen is sweetly bowing at the cookie sheet. "Under Beach" is the soft but thrilling chin-peck of un-certain doom, and "Wishwell" is the preemptive dirge. The far-from-home shivers constantly rattle and burble in the septics of the young men that helm this story, their naive bindle staffs boasting only ham sandwiches, an envelope of sour belts, and a tin of Vicks to remember mother by. In the wet, outstretched palm of every leering crone waits a suspect bonbon; nearby huddles a grizzled cast of wingnuts whose psychosis yawns 10 feet wide. Although the hot breath of the organ setting rasps menacingly in the background, it is a tale where glittering caches pine for our heroes in back corners and drawers, and a dappled pony is supplied for every getaway. Edition of 100, $5+shipping.