Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WISDOM TOOTH - "The Flying Mouth" C38

The second full-blown installment of John Andrews' Wisdom Tooth trilogy visits the ongoing dance of the Flying Mouth--a lovely pair of lips with such a talent for crooning that a gang of jealous riflemen pursue her everywhere. The whole yarn recreated for an off-off-off Broadway rock opera with an elementary school teacher pawing at the upright, the actors pancaked, missing teeth, and joined at the hands to exalt their heroine on a shabby budget. Here amongst the trunks of cold cream, crinoline and prop fans, you hear the voices of people with dignity and babies with summer birthdays being baptized. Those gentle honky-tonking piano phrases, each one with a little bell on its toe! Those wide-yawning glitter guitars! Here vaudeville cradles Rock n Roll like a dinosaur cradles a caveman. There are waltzes; there are familiar and neighborly small-town swamp-dwellers like Old Scratch, and the sleepy machinery of a torch-lit production that could only be executed by the fondest of amateurs. Edition of 100, $5+shipping.

WISDOM TOOTH - Quitting the Circus by SPKY TWN