Monday, November 24, 2014


Finally after 5 years of blogger mayhem, I'm putting Spooky Town up here on a site that's (hopefully) easier to use!!


Please head there for the freshest releases -- (2 New Tapes dropping today!), and there's also SPOOKYTOWNTAPES.BANDCAMP.COM

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Monday, April 28, 2014

GREAT VALLEY - "Jaws of Evil" C42

Unearthing the long lost 'second album' from GREAT VALLEY, the prog-pop duo of Brattleboro VT. Jaws of Evil is a jungle fantasy lovingly crafted on a cassette 8-track in Peter's bedroom. Lush and tangled pop motifs crackling with wild-thing spirit and nocturnal unease, like a strange chorus of monkeys and toucans in love. Futuristic powerpop grooves and even a few moonlit ballads. With fantastic cover art by Charlie Key. A whole raw world on one cassette.  Edition of 200, $5+shipping.


Score GREAT VALLEY's new Spooky Town cassette Jaws of Evil plus their pink vinyl classic In the Silver Dream for a crazy special price, $14+shipping, that's nuts right *while supplies last!

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Where did Spooky Town go?

Hey Everyone, it's a little belated to announce I'm putting Spooky Town on hold for a spell. You might have noticed it's been more than a year since I released anything new. Thanks everyone for your continued interest, I'm still shipping orders every week and everything that still has a paypal button is still available in dwindling supply. Truth is I'm devoting all my energy to my own bands these days -- (check out Great Valley's new albums on NNA Tapes and Feeding Tube Records if you're interested. Look for a nasty album from Bird Names soon too, and more).  Sorry to everyone who sent me a demo I never replied to. Spooky Town is going to come back as soon as I have the time to really do it right, and it's gonna be really dope. Thanks everyone for caring about this music, you are the best.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

PETER'S WINDOW - "Peter's Window" C20

Peter is singing through the window to you, six frankly heartwrenching songs of love and fantasy. Shimmering compositions for two guitars and keyboard-bass, lovingly spare and precious with interwoven melodies, like Tom Verlaine getting cheezy in the 80s. In this intriguing debut, Peter's Window flexes the wand of studio magic into a unique slice of pop material. Listen...! C20, edition of 100, $5+shipping.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

EASYBOY - "Mirror Killer" 7"EP

After two years hiding in a cave of synthesizers, the Boston-turned-Canadian heartthrob EASYBOY reemerges with MIRROR KILLER: a dense trippy EP of wacked-out pop songs. Like Devo on roids, or prom night in a space station, EASYBOY slings some top-forty vibes through a zero-gravity odyssey. An off-kilter stack of drum machines submerged in a tangled net of synth lines. Bedroom lyrics and a robo voice. The pinnacle of deep-phase strange-new-world pop gem meditation. Edition of 300, $6+shipping.



Rabid Resource by EASYBOY (rickey)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

NALS GORING - "Horse Boys II" C30

Before he was Zach Phillips of Blanche Blanche Blanche, before he was Jordan Piper Phillips or Bruce Hart, the diabolical soundsmith NALS GORING called his strength to service of the forge, forging HORSE BOYS II: a mysterious nostalgic collage of keyboard improvisations, geriatric voices, massacred songs, and what else? A real Where's-Waldo of a listening experience. Edition of 50, C30, $5+shipping.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

GUERILLA TOSS - "My Real Dad: Live in Nappa"

A slice of purgatory from the slimiest band in Boston! Guerilla Toss is a 5-piece slopmath group serving up two 10-minute scoops of precision freak-out. Electronic drums and a mean synthesizer; a driving bass and a ravaged guitar; Kassie Carlson's heart-squashing she-beast vocals--somehow stacked as by an evil architect, to build an unlikely cathedral out of the ugliest bones. This is a band you have to see to believe. Expect to be hearing a lot more from them in the soon-future, including an LP from everyone's favorite Feeding Tube Records. C21, edition of 200, $5+shipping.

SOLD OUT :-0 sorry!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

CHRIS WEISMAN - "Bentonia" C47

Announcing the 16th solo weird pop album from Brattleboro's weird-pop guru Chris Weisman: BENTONIA is Chris's exploration of Skip James's eerie enchanting "Bentonian" tuning. 18 beautiful but disconcerting ballads, stuffed full of the disjointed Mad-Lib-esque metaphors and the biting, outsider's critique-of-everyone-including-himself lyrics you may remember from such C.W. masterpieces as Beatleboro and Fresh Sip. Chris Weisman is the real deal living legend subterranean mover and shaker, teaching the rest of us what pop music can still do. This is one to keep under your pillow. C47, edition of 150, $5+shipping.

Monday, January 9, 2012

SPIKED PUNCH - "Chill Out And Eat a Mango" C30

Somewhere in beach culture stretches a long finger of dirty blonde sand, where an entire day can yawn out unmoving, your nose-skin pale with salt, your eyes white and getting whiter. The purplish odor of baked seaweed spirals with the smells of food in a cart and the buzz of a biplane trailing a holiday greeting in red capitals. Parked between the mentholated lot lizards and the coconut-bra teengirls you meet Austin TX's SPIKED PUNCH in the back of a stationwagon. Their songs are spare and friendly, sung with the sounding-drone of an islander. Heavy with the musk of surf wax, crinkle fries, and the guitar wizards of the Golden Triangle. Discover 7 surf-space-reggae-pop jams to make you feel like driving your woody across the Pacific Ocean to the top of a volcano. C30, ltd. 100, $5+shipping.