Monday, April 28, 2014

GREAT VALLEY - "Jaws of Evil" C42

Unearthing the long lost 'second album' from GREAT VALLEY, the prog-pop duo of Brattleboro VT. Jaws of Evil is a jungle fantasy lovingly crafted on a cassette 8-track in Peter's bedroom. Lush and tangled pop motifs crackling with wild-thing spirit and nocturnal unease, like a strange chorus of monkeys and toucans in love. Futuristic powerpop grooves and even a few moonlit ballads. With fantastic cover art by Charlie Key. A whole raw world on one cassette.  Edition of 200, $5+shipping.


Score GREAT VALLEY's new Spooky Town cassette Jaws of Evil plus their pink vinyl classic In the Silver Dream for a crazy special price, $14+shipping, that's nuts right *while supplies last!

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