Monday, January 9, 2012

SPIKED PUNCH - "Chill Out And Eat a Mango" C30

Somewhere in beach culture stretches a long finger of dirty blonde sand, where an entire day can yawn out unmoving, your nose-skin pale with salt, your eyes white and getting whiter. The purplish odor of baked seaweed spirals with the smells of food in a cart and the buzz of a biplane trailing a holiday greeting in red capitals. Parked between the mentholated lot lizards and the coconut-bra teengirls you meet Austin TX's SPIKED PUNCH in the back of a stationwagon. Their songs are spare and friendly, sung with the sounding-drone of an islander. Heavy with the musk of surf wax, crinkle fries, and the guitar wizards of the Golden Triangle. Discover 7 surf-space-reggae-pop jams to make you feel like driving your woody across the Pacific Ocean to the top of a volcano. C30, ltd. 100, $5+shipping.