Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Where did Spooky Town go?

Hey Everyone, it's a little belated to announce I'm putting Spooky Town on hold for a spell. You might have noticed it's been more than a year since I released anything new. Thanks everyone for your continued interest, I'm still shipping orders every week and everything that still has a paypal button is still available in dwindling supply. Truth is I'm devoting all my energy to my own bands these days -- (check out Great Valley's new albums on NNA Tapes and Feeding Tube Records if you're interested. Look for a nasty album from Bird Names soon too, and more).  Sorry to everyone who sent me a demo I never replied to. Spooky Town is going to come back as soon as I have the time to really do it right, and it's gonna be really dope. Thanks everyone for caring about this music, you are the best.

Lots of love <3 peter="">