Friday, November 13, 2009

WISDOM TOOTH - "Pianoskin"

Wisdom Tooth showed up at my house twice last year with a notebook full of songs, and we went down to my basement and hooked a couple of microphones into a faithless cassette deck and he spun his tall tales, about a witch, the Tooth Fairy, Lady Lochness, the Sick Grandfather Clock, and of course Pianoskin himself. Anyone who isn't acquainted with the messy folky poppy lo-fi recordings that John "Wisdom Tooth // Mad Mouth" Andrews is cooking in New Jersey is about to find the part of the world he forgot, under his bed, around the backs of trees, in the corner of the wall behind the piano, et cetera. This is raw crooning for you to sing from your pillow to the moon. Seven songs. C21, ltd. 50, $3 + shipping.